Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is designed to elucidate our protocols concerning the personal information of customers gathered for our utilization. When submitting an online inquiry, you will be required to provide essential details through a straightforward inquiry form. This will enable us to get in touch with you for further discussion. The information requested includes your name, email address, phone number, and country.

We do not vend, exchange, or otherwise convey your personally identifiable details to external entities. This exemption applies to our affiliated companies and reliable third parties who aid in the management of our website, execution of our operations, or provision of services to you. Such parties are required to maintain the confidentiality of this information. Nevertheless, non-personally identifiable visitor data may be shared with other parties for marketing, promotional, or similar purposes.

What measures do we take to safeguard your information? employs a secure server to enhance the security of your personal information. Any private or credit-related data you transmit is safeguarded through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, ensuring the confidentiality of your information during online order placement.

For what purposes do we utilize the information you provide?
We utilize the provided personal data to manage orders, and our team members use your personal information and other non-identifiable data to facilitate proper order handling and enhance our ability to address your inquiries effectively. Additionally, your information might be employed in the following manners:

  • Enhancing website features based on the feedback we gather from you.
  • Keeping you informed about our most recent offers and events.
  • Enhancing our customer service standards.

The implications of the General Data Protection Regulation are as follows:
We refrain from sharing data with external entities that could disclose your personally identifiable information. Any personal information you provide will be held in strict confidence, and you will be fully informed about it. However, this exception doesn’t apply to our subsidiaries and reliable third parties who support us in website operations, business activities, or serving you, as long as they commit to maintaining the confidentiality of this information.

The General Data Protection Regulation entails the following implications:
We refrain from transmitting data to external parties that disclose your personally identifiable information. The individual data you provide will remain confidential, and you will have full awareness of it. However, this exclusion does not apply to our subsidiaries and reliable third parties who aid in website operations, business conduct, or customer service, provided they commit to maintaining the confidentiality of this information.

By agreeing to this privacy statement, you are authorizing us to process your personal information exclusively for the specified purpose. Webiz Technologies necessitates explicit consent to process both categories of personal data. In instances where we request sensitive personal information, we will consistently clarify the reasons and methods of its utilization. You retain the option to retract your consent at any time by either calling or emailing, following the established Withdrawal of Consent Procedure [GDPR DOC 2.7A].



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